How to Make Elegant Bangle Bracelets

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DIY Bengal Bracelet: Revamp Old Bangles with Ribbons

I had some old wooden bangles kept inside my jewelry box for who knows how long! I wanted to revamp them but wasn’t sure how to make bangle bracelets by revamping these old Bengals, all I could think about was ribbon wrapping. So I started and I’m really happy with how it turned out!

Revamp your plain, boring, old bangles into fancy ones! All you need is some satin ribbons and seeds beads and you’re good to go.

How to Make Bangle Bracelets



Step 1

Take a 1-inch wide satin ribbon and apply a small amount of craft glue on its edge. Stick the glued part of the ribbon inside the bangle. Simply wrap the satin ribbon around the bangle evenly. When you’re done wrapping the first satin ribbon take a different colored thin satin ribbon. Similarly, apply glue and wrap it around the bangle but this time keep small gaps between each wrap. After reaching the end trim the extra ribbon and glue the end on the inside of the bangle.

Step 1: how to make Bangle Bracelets

Step 2

Prepare your needle and thread. Draw the needle from the inside of the bangle and tie a knot with the ribbon. Bring the needle to the edge of the bangle. Insert seed beads into the thread through the needle. Once the beading reaches the size of the bangle’s width stop beading.

Step 2: how to make Bangle Bracelets

Step 3

Now draw the needle from the edge to the opposite edge of the bangle at the backside. Draw the needle diagonally.

Step 3: how to make Bangle Bracelets

Step 4

Draw and pull the needle through the ribbon to flatten the beaded part of the thread with the bangle. Again bead similarly and continue to do the same until you reach the other end. After reaching the end tie 2 knots at the backside of the bangle with the ribbon and cut off extra thread. Apply a drop of craft glue on the knot to make sure that it’s secure.

You can make different patterns using different ribbons and beads.

Step 4: how to make Bangle Bracelets

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Happy Crafting!

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