Daily Journal Cover (Printable)

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Looking for a cute and pleasant cover for your journal or diary? If you’re creative and crafty you can create one yourself or you can simply print this design and cover your journal or diary.


diary cover 4 - Daily Journal Cover (Printable)

I love to keep daily journals and diary, daily planners, they keep me calm and relaxed. SO why not give them a little decorative look. I’m not much of a modern and minimalist look lover when it comes to crafting and DIY projects. I love vintage and rustic look. Here’s a picture of my journal from 2016- 

20150605 132647 - Daily Journal Cover (Printable)

I used leftover craft supplies to decorate this one, the supplies include- dry leaf, dry rose petal, leftover vintage buttons, burlap fabric, scrap crochet lace and much more. But this time I wanted to keep it plain, so instead of using different kind of materials for my 2017 journal, I created a printable cover, printed it and simply covered my journal . 

diary cover 1 - Daily Journal Cover (Printable)


I created this journal cover from canva.com, turned out pretty cute ha? You can create your own journal or notebook covers with the help of canva.com, it’s really fun, easy and beginner friendly. 

I used A4 size papers to print the patterns, but if your journal or notebook is larger you can print a larger one, as you’ll need to cover the entire journal or notebook.

diary cover 2 - Daily Journal Cover (Printable)


I kept a white label with black border on the front page of the cover. Used pencil and ruler to write an inspirational quotation inside the label. Used a gel pen to trace pencil writing and then erased the traced lines (of pencil) carefully. 

diary cover 3 - Daily Journal Cover (Printable)


I can’t live a day without my daily journal, I write down all my plans and goals… and doodle whatever comes in my mind. If you like my journal cover and want to use it, here’s a PDF file of the pattern- 

printable journal cover

Download, print, cover your journal and.. 


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