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Create Vintage Button Bracelet


I bought a packet of leftover buttons from a local craft store and I was so excited about it! I was super surprised to find out a number of beautiful vintage buttons. after gathering all the buttons I made a list of all the things that I want to make using these beauties! (more…)

8 Wonderful Dahlia Wreaths!

dahlia wreaths

Don’t you just love how dahlia flower has been inspiring so many crafters with its bright colors and vibrant patterns! Paper cone dahlia wreath has become quite a popular craft in the diy world. There are tons of paper cone dahlia tutorials around the web but surprisingly it never gets old! Each maker will surprise you with a unique and vibrant design, every single time. Dahlia wreaths are great for decoration, no matter what the occasion is- spring, summer, Christmas, birthday party, wedding…. so on…. you can always change the color and pattern to make it appropriate for the occasion. (more…)

Create Pretty Beaded Bobby Pins



I always plan to do something amazing to my hair everyday and end up doing nothing. So I finally decided to make some simple yet pretty! hair accessories so that I don’t have to end up doing those boring buns or ponytails every single day. Ahh, I wish to become a hair style expert one day… but for now lets stick with the accessorizing our hair! (more…)

Create Gold Embossed Eggs


Tired of dying eggs? But still wish to do something unique for this Easter? Here’s a fun and easy way to create your own, customized gold embossed eggs! (more…)

Craft Supplies from My Garden #Flowers


‘I have enough craft supplies, said no crafter ever’ – this is one of my favorite craft quotes. You will understand how valuable craft supplies can be once you become addicted or passionate to crafting.

To us crafters, no matter how small or inexpensive a craft supply is, it is as valuable as any expensive supply. Our craft supplies are like our treasures! (more…)

Create a Cute Recycled Yarn Bird

yarn bird

This super cute yarn bird craft has become quite popular around the craft and diy websites and blogs. I’ve seen a number of awesome tutorials for this bird from awesome crafters and makers. Each of them were wonderful and unique. I also tried making one and was very happy to be able to make it perfectly in my first attempt! (more…)

Create Stunning Chain Hand Jewel


So, last month I bought tons of jewelry chains without any plan for using them. I kept thinking and obviously… chain hand jewel was the first thing that came to my mind. I’m really happy with how it turned out, planning to make more! And of course, need more ideas for those jewelry chains.


Create Tissue Paper Hyacinth Flowers

tissue hyacinth (26)

Looking for a fun and colorful craft project to try out this weekend? Well, in that case, these tissue paper hyacinth flowers would be perfect. (more…)

Create Colorful Wooden Beaded Charm

keycharmsI love to add a little crafty touch on everything! Well, maybe not everything but of course who doesn’t like to accessorize key rings, small purses, bags, cell phone, especially when you’re a craft addict! I had some colorful wooden beads laying around and some scrap leather. I came up with 2 ideas immediately and this key charm is one of them.

Check out the list of supplies, gather’em all, follow the instructions and make one, it won’t take more than 5 minutes!


Inspirational Quotes

Believe (1)

Words can be very strong at times, we all know that. I love the arrangements of simple words which illuminates strong meanings and can really inspire us, help us whenever we’re depressed, upset or hopeless. It’s ‘Quotations’ or shortly known as ‘Quotes’ these days. Quotes have helped me through many difficult journeys of my life and it works like magic. (more…)