Create Rings from Paper Clips!

Turn an old paper-clip into a fancy jewelry! Check out my new tutorial and find out how to!

Metal paper-clips are pretty strong and did you know that it can be used as a craft material? I’ve made a list of craft projects from paperclips and this is the first one, paper-clip ring! Check it out and keep in touch to see the rest.


  1. Paperclip
  2. Jewelry pliers
  3. Mandral
  4. Hammer (optional, if you want to flatten the wire)

First measure your ring size in inches, wrap a measuring tape around your finger to find the ring size. Keep the ring size in mind for now.


To make this ring it’s better to use metal paperclips rather than the colored ones, because the colored ones are usually wrapped with colored plastic papers, which can be quite difficult to work with.

Use flat nose pliers to straighten the paperclip. Unfold each fold and then use the flat nose pliers to flatten the unfolded parts as neatly as possible.

Take the looping pliers and create a small loop at any one ends of the straight paperclip. Circle the wire around that loop once to create a swirl. In case your paper clip is longer you can circle the wire more than once.

Once you’ve made the first swirl go to the other end of the straight paperclip and make another loop, but this time circle the wire to the opposite direction of the previous one. Circle the wire around that loop to create another swirl. 

Place the swirly paper clip on a flat surface and check if the size is right.

Now for the final step, simply wrap the swirly paperclip around a mandral. You can hammer the ring to give it a finished look or you can keep it as it is.

You can easily adjust the size of this ring as both its ends are open. 

Make sure to give it a try…

And happy crafting!

Written by Muhaiminah Faiz