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Create Recycled Cardstock Notebook

cardstock notebook (15)

cardstock notebook (18)

Have lots of scrap cardstock papers but don’t know what to do with them? Here’s a quick, easy and fun way to transform those leftover carsdtock papers into a colorful notebook or photo album or scrap-book or memory book or anything you want! I’m not sure what to do with it yet but I’m loving the colors and really happy that finally I’ve used all the leftover cardstock papers, yay! (more…)

Create Burlap Gift Pouch

pouchI like gift in pouch rather than wrapping it with paper. Though you can’t put all kinds of gifts inside pouches but I think, jewelries, accessories, little decor pieces and small gifts suit best in pouches. I love making burlap gift pouches, they’re easy to make, you can customize them as you want (paint’em, stitch a pattern on the burlap, anything you want!). (more…)

Create String-Art Heart Card

heart cardValentines Day is near and many of us have already started to look for cute gift ideas for the specials ones! There are tons of gift ideas and we don’t usually stumble to buy or make one. But still, a handmade gift is undoubtedly better the store bought ones. So why not make a cute string art heart card for you Valentine!  (more…)

Create Cute Wire Tulip Bookmarks

20141212_141918 (1)

These tulip bookmarks look really cute and are undoubtedly, would be very useful if you’re a reader or a writer. Even if you’re a beginner at wire crafting you can still make these cute tulip bookmarks in no time. (more…)

Create Wire Wrapped Button Pendants

button wire pendant (25)

Don’t these button pendants loo super cute? Want to know how I made’em? Great! In this tutorial I will show you how to make cute wire wrapped button pendants in few easy steps. (more…)

Create Cross Stitched Heart Plushies


Valentines day is near and we’re all looking for unique gift ideas for our special ones. Well, here’s an inexpensive yet super cute gift idea. It’ll take only a few minutes, give it a try! (more…)

Create Cute Sea Shell Earrings

shell earrings (3)

I love to make jewelries and accessories. I love simple earrings, they look elegant… and… well, simple! I’ve been wanting to make sea shell earrings and there, I finally made’em!

This earring projects requires the basic craft supplies, I’m sure you have them at home. The steps are really easy to follow. Check out the tutorial! (more…)

Create a Cute Recycled Notebook

recycled book (3)


If you’re into recycling projects then ‘cereal box’ is definitely on your top favorite list of craft materials, they’re my favorite as well. I love the colors and patterns, so useful for a bunch of fun crafts! (more…)

Prepare 3 Ingredient Cup Cakes


Finding a yummy recipe of 2-3 ingredients can be quite difficult. Here’s a cupcake recipe which requires only 3 ingredients- all purpose flour, egg and nutella… and I’m pretty sure that all of these items are available in most houses. Besides it will take only 10-15 minutes to prepare them. (more…)

Create Colorful Mixed Beaded Bracelets

ranndom bead bracelet (5)

mixed beaded bracelet (1)

We all crafters (especially jewelry makers) have a collection of random beads. And we often struggle for a craft idea to use them for. Obviously, making jewelries comes first when your main supply is ‘bead’. (more…)

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