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Daily Journal Cover (Printable)

Looking for a cute and pleasant cover for your journal or diary? If you’re creative and crafty you can create one yourself or you can simply print this design and cover your journal or diary. (more…)

Significance of Daily Planning (Free Printable Sheets!)

“So much to do, so little time”

We all have daily chores and important tasks to complete everyday, some days it becomes so difficult that it makes us panic. But do you believe that daily planning can help you to so much, in so little time? Well I do believe. I’ve been keeping up with this habit since 2012 and still adoring it. (more…)

The Craftaholic Witch’s Craft Space


Today I’m blogging about my craft space. Will share a few snaps of my craft space and how I keep all the stuffs organized (well…. not for long!). Next year I’m moving to a new place so I’ll have a new craft space. Which means I won’t be able to show you guys this one… I feel sad thinking about it… I’ll really miss this place. But anyways, I’m also super excited about the new house and decorating a new craft space! But for now, take a tour to my present craft space, I hope you enjoy it! (more…)

Inspirational Quotes

Believe (1)

Words can be very strong at times, we all know that. I love the arrangements of simple words which illuminates strong meanings and can really inspire us, help us whenever we’re depressed, upset or hopeless. It’s ‘Quotations’ or shortly known as ‘Quotes’ these days. Quotes have helped me through many difficult journeys of my life and it works like magic. (more…)

Art and Craft

art and craft

This is my very first blog post. Wasn’t sure what to write. So here it goes…

I’m a crafter, a craft addict actually. I’m so glad I finally have my own blog, now I can share all my craft ideas with the world and share ideas by other creative people.

DIY, art and craft culture is a blast today. You can easily practice these skills if you wish to.

Craft supplies are available in most local stationary stores these days. Besides, there are tons of online shops and stores for craft supplies. So I don’t usually worry about the supplies for my craft projects. Once you become addicted and passionate about crafting you can find your supplies around you, such as- old newspapers, magazines, cardboard box and cartons etc. besides the nature provides with the most lovely and rustic craft supplies; my favorites are, dry leaves, pressed flower petals, small stones, rocks and so on.

I will discuss about all the basic and necessary craft supplies very soon.

Keep in touch!