Muhaimina Faiz

Muhaiminah Faiz

A Crazy Craft Addict! Love swirls, colors, shapes and of course to learn and share craft ideas

Hello there! I’m Muhaimina A.K.A The Craftaholic Witch and welcome to my craft blog! I’m a full-time mommy to a handsome little fella (born on June 10th, 2018), content manager of several DIY and craft blogs, wife of an architect, jewelry designer and maker, blogger, and a mood swinger :p
I’ve been into everything crafty ever since I was a little kid but back then I wasn’t aware of the word ‘craft’. I knew about craft and DIY blogs and websites but it wasn’t until 2012 when I finally entered into the virtual DIY and craft world. I started sharing tutorials and almost any project I made! And here I am today! A full-time VA to craft and DIY bloggers! I simply craft because it makes me happy and I love doing it! I never get tired; even when I’m not making anything; I’m making things in my head!
I needed a place to share all the crafty ideas which are muddled up in my head. But of course, there’s so little time but so much to do! I will try my best to share much as I can. I hope you have fun exploring through my blog and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for fresh content right to your inbox.

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