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Today I’m blogging about my craft space. Will share a few snaps of my craft space and how I keep all the stuffs organized (well…. not for long!). Next year I’m moving to a new place so I’ll have a new craft space. Which means I won’t be able to show you guys this one… I feel sad thinking about it… I’ll really miss this place. But anyways, I’m also super excited about the new house and decorating a new craft space! But for now, take a tour to my present craft space, I hope you enjoy it!

There’s nothing much to say, Have a look at the pictures and you’ll get an idea of how I keep’em all together and organized.


This is where I keep the stuffs I always need near hand. Paint brushes, pencils, pens, highlighters, scissors, ruler, etc are kept in glasses and the 6 glasses are kept organized inside a foam board box. I also keep my felts, hot glue here because I always need’em. On the right side I keep my natural craft supplies- stones, sea shells, try twigs, dry and pressed flowers in a doily bowl. It’s really easy to grab all the important supplies and I don’t have to struggle to find’em.

beads (1)

Beads in jars! Don’t they look precious? I’ve collected glass jars. For each jar I had to wait until it was empty and I must say, each wait was worth it! No trouble finding the right color in no time!

sewing machine (2)

Although I don’t sew much but I can’t live without my sewing machine! She’s such a sweetheart! Giving away this sewing machine to my sister before I move to the new place. Will miss her but also very glad that my sister can use it, she’s addicted to machine sewing crafts! 


I made this pin board from leftover styrofoam and craft paper. Pin boards are very helpful not only for crafters but also for anyone struggling to keep a track on daily-to-do-stuffs and keeping everything organized. 


I’m a crazy jewelry crafter! There was this phase when I made tons of necklaces because I couldn’t get rid of getting ideas! Had to make so may and stacked’em here. Who doesn’t love a stack of handmade necklaces!  

craft room (7)

And this is a picture of the entire craft space. What I like most about my craft space is the lighting during daytime. I take all the pictures during daylight. It was easier for me to keep loads of stuffs organized because the space is big, the window’s position is perfect and I had this huge shelf by the wall, which is obviously a life saver for any crafter! 

I hope you guys enjoyed the post and keep in touch to see my new craft space very soon!

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