Mixed Media Rainbow Kids Craft

Main Image Rainbow Craft

Fun Craft for Kids

Though this rainbow mobile craft is something new in the virtual craft world, but I tried to add some fun, colors, and craftyness to it! A super fun kids craft idea to try out any weekend.

I was hardly into kids crafts but recently I have been teaching arts and crafts to a small group of kids and definitely enjoying it! While trying out different kinds of kids crafts ideas, I thought of making something fun, creative and educational.

The best thing about this craft is that you can teach the kids about recycling by using left over craft supplies for this craft idea. The finished craft project can be used as wall decor or mobile decor. Go ahead, check out the tutorial and enjoy!

Mixed Media Rainbow Kids Craft

Here is the tutorial, check it out!

Rainbow Craft Supplies

So, you might already have all the supplies for this craft project at home. Check out the list of supplies.

List of Supplies

  • Colored craft papers
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick or craft glue
  • Cotton
  • Yarn
  • Wooden beads
  • Colored styrofoam balls
  • Template

The best thing about this craft is that you can use scrap supplies. If you are a crafter. I’m sure you have piles of scrap craft papers, yarns and other basic craft materials. Grab’em all! You might need them for this fun craft.

Print out the patterns from this Mixed Media Rainbow Template

Have all the supplies in hand? Let’s get crafty!


Rainbow Craft Step 1

Pheeww! Finally, I can use a bunch of scrap craft papers and scrap yarns! You can also use colored cardstock papers but it’s easier for the kids to cut the craft papers. However, make sure to keep the kids under adult supervision.

Select rainbow colors from the colored craft papers. Trace the small rectangle shape from the template on the selected craft papers and cut them out using scissors. Determine the length you want for the rain part and cut out a some yarn strands as determined. Use any shade of blue for the rain. Grab some colored styrofoam balls and cut them into half or you can also use small pompoms.

Mixed Media Rainbow Kids Craft

Use cardstock paper or cardboard for base of the rainbow. Trace the rainbow base pattern (from the template) on the selected base material and cut it out nicely using scissors. Grab all the colored craft paper cut outs and start gluing them on the rainbow base, one color at a time. Start either from the top end or bottom end of the rainbow base. I started from the top end, using the red colored paper cut outs.

Mixed Media Rainbow Kids Craft

Continue to glue the colored paper cut outs until the whole rainbow base is filled. Keep in mind to keep the correct sequence of rainbow colors while gluing the paper cut outs on the rainbow base.

Mixed Media Rainbow Kids Craft

Done gluing all the craft paper cut outs? Now apply glue along the 2 straight bottom ends of the rainbow base and attach any one end of the yarn strands on the glued part. Overlap about 2 cm or more of the yarn strands with the glued part of the rainbow base. Allow the glue to dry and let’s prepare the clouds in the next step.

Mixed Media Rainbow Kids Craft

You can use white cardstock paper, white felt or any white colored soft material that is easy to cut. But I’m using white craft foam sheet. Craft foam sheets are so easy to cut and gives the clouds a nicer look. Trace the cloud pattern (you can find the pattern in the given template) on a piece of craft foam; use pencil to trace the pattern and scissors to cut out the traced cloud patterns. You will need 2 clouds for this craft.

Mixed Media Rainbow Kids Craft

Now, glue the cloud cut outs on both open ends of the rainbow base. Also add the half cut styrofoam balls (or pompoms) on the rainbow part.

Rainbow Craft step seven

To give the clouds a little fluffy look I added some cotton! Apply glue on the foam clouds and place a small amount of cotton on the glued part little by little. I also added some beads at the bottom (open end) of some of the yarn strands.

Ahhhh! Totally loving this mixed media rainbow craft! Such a fun and creative way to engage the kids in craft activity.

Mixed Media Rainbow Kids Craft

Happy Crafting!

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