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Create Colorful Rosary Beaded Bracelet

IMG_25Make a 2 in one jewelry piece. How? Check out this tutorial to find out! (more…)

Create Pretty Beaded Bobby Pins



I always plan to do something amazing to my hair everyday and end up doing nothing. So I finally decided to make some simple yet pretty! hair accessories so that I don’t have to end up doing those boring buns or ponytails every single day. Ahh, I wish to become a hair style expert one day… but for now lets stick with the accessorizing our hair! (more…)

Create Colorful Wooden Beaded Charm

keycharmsI love to add a little crafty touch on everything! Well, maybe not everything but of course who doesn’t like to accessorize key rings, small purses, bags, cell phone, especially when you’re a craft addict! I had some colorful wooden beads laying around and some scrap leather. I came up with 2 ideas immediately and this key charm is one of them.

Check out the list of supplies, gather’em all, follow the instructions and make one, it won’t take more than 5 minutes!


Create Colorful Mixed Beaded Bracelets

ranndom bead bracelet (5)

mixed beaded bracelet (1)

We all crafters (especially jewelry makers) have a collection of random beads. And we often struggle for a craft idea to use them for. Obviously, making jewelries comes first when your main supply is ‘bead’. (more…)

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