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12 Beautiful DIY Modern Yarn Hanging

Yarn wall hanging is one of the most crafty and gorgeous home decors today! Don’t you just LOOOOOOVEEE the macrame knots, the beautiful fringes, the color combinations, rugged edges! They just take my breath away, and aren’t they a piece of art which gives your eyes a crafty satisfaction! (more…)

12 Awesome Crate Recycling Projects

What others call trash might sometimes be treasure to makers, crafters and DIY enthusiasts.  Not everyone around us think about recycling and reusing every once in a while, it’s really sad! However, among tons of materials which can be recycled and reused, ‘crate’ is one of the best. The possibility is endless! From storage box to shelves and coffee table and what not!

There are so many fun and creative ways to transform leftover crates into something really useful. So, from sooooo mannyyyy DIY crate projects I have selected these 12 awesome crate transformation projects for this round-up from 11 amazing DIY blogs and websites. This round-up is a beginner step for those who haven’t tried recycling crates; these 12 projects include the use of 1-3 crates only.

The best thing is that you don’t need to be a woodworking expert because the crates are already made. All you need to do is be a little creative and turn those crates into something awesome and useful!

Check them out! (more…)

8 Creative Pumpkin Inspired Crafts

pumkin roundup

Fall is near, which means it’s almost time to display pumpkins! Fall decoration is incomplete without pumpkin or anything pumpkin-ish. So, what do you have in mind? Are you going to carve, paint or decorate the pumpkins? But why not transform something into pumpkin rather than carving, painting or decorating one. Turn bowls, mason jars, paper mache or plastic glasses into pumpkins!

To get started, check out these 8 unique and super crafty pumpkin inspired craft projects from 8 different blogs. Get crafty and enjoy this week’s Crafty Round-up! (more…)

8 Creative Light Bulb Crafts

light bulb roundupEver thought of giving a burned-out light bulb a new life? Repurposing old burned-out light bulbs into something new and creative are almost endless; from vase and lamp to terrarium and much more. If you’ve never given any thought to recycling light bulbs just because you think they’re useless and should be thrown away, you’ll be surprised to see how a light bulb can be turned into an artistic and aesthetic piece! I’ve been collecting light bulbs for a year now, just waiting for the right time and idea!

Anyways, from tons of light bulb recycling project ideas I’ve collected these 8 DIY light bulb recycling project ideas from 8 awesome blogs and websites. Have a look at them.

And from now on think twice before you throw away old, burned out light bulbs. (more…)

8 Beautyful Easy Updos

updosFor girls like me, too lazy to do their hair, well… hairstyling in the morning can be really struggling. Making a typical hair bun takes a few seconds but sparing a few more minutes can transform that typical hair bun into a smart and stylish one. So, I’ve gathered these 8 beautiful yet easy to do hair updos from super creative blogs and websites. These hair updo’s look so chic and perfect for lazy and busy girls!

Have a look at these hair updo tutorials and make sure to follow the bloggers if you like their ideas.

Get creative and get rid of typical hair updos!


8 No Dye Easter Eggs!

easter eggsEaster is almost near, have you dyed your Easter eggs yet? Bored of dying Easter eggs? No worries, there are tons of unique and creative Easter egg decoration ideas besides dying them. But from the tons I chose these 8 ideas and I would love to recreate them all. The tutorials are really neat, easy to follow and of course the ideas are so cool, hard to pick a favorite one! Check them out and enjoy! (more…)

8 Wonderful Dahlia Wreaths!

dahlia wreaths

Don’t you just love how dahlia flower has been inspiring so many crafters with its bright colors and vibrant patterns! Paper cone dahlia wreath has become quite a popular craft in the diy world. There are tons of paper cone dahlia tutorials around the web but surprisingly it never gets old! Each maker will surprise you with a unique and vibrant design, every single time. Dahlia wreaths are great for decoration, no matter what the occasion is- spring, summer, Christmas, birthday party, wedding…. so on…. you can always change the color and pattern to make it appropriate for the occasion. (more…)