Create Simple Boho Style Earrings



Leftover materials are treasure for crafters. I love discovering from my leftover box and coming up with sudden craft ideas. This time I made a boho-style earring, (Thank goodness I found 2 of each material!). Checkout today’s DIY post and find out how to transform your leftover beads and jewelry findings into a pretty boho-style earring. 

Check the list of supplies and instructions and try making one 🙂


  • Craft Wire – Antique, 18 Gauge
  • Craft Pliers – cutting, looping and flat nose pliers
  • Teardrop Beads – 2
  • Crystal Beads – 2
  • Jewelry Charm – 2


Select the beads and jewelry charms for your earrings. Make sure to create a nice boho style combination. For each earring I chose a crystal bead for the top part, one jewelry charm for the middle part and a teardrop bead for the bottom part.

Insert the small crystal bead into the craft wire. Make a small loop at one end and cut off the other end by keeping a small amount of wire to create another loop to secure the bead. You will need 2 jump rings to attach all 3 parts together.

Jewelry charms usually have holes or loops at both ends. Simply attach the teardrop bead with the jewelry charm through their loops with the jump ring. Attach the wired crystal bead with the jewelry charm on the top side through the wired beads’ loop.

Now you’ll need a earring hook to complete the earring. You can also make the earring hook. You can find the earring hook making tutorial here

Time to show-off this super cute boho-style earrings!

Mix and match different kinds and colors of beads, jewelry findings to make unique designs.

Happy crafting! 🙂

Written by Muhaiminah Faiz