The Northern Lights


Story By Zenith

It was the summer of 2011,Lisa & I decided to visit Norway.Lisa wanted to see the Northern lights .She was really excited as we were looking forward to our vacation.A much needed vacation !

She said ,”I can’t wait to see the Nothern lights with you !”

Thinking about it made me happy.Packing for the holiday made me more excited.The thought of being with her in Norway gave me a lovely feeling !

I was going to propose her in Norway.I was willing to marry her as she was the one!I could not wait to spend the rest of our lives together.

I often thought why she chose me.She was smart,beautiful & independent.She could have anyone.She was like a pretty wild flower.I used to stare at her as if I had seen her for the first time.She would always surprise me with something.She would do a dramatic hair flips just to torture me with her sass .

She was a humorist ! Her laugh was the prettiest.She used have fun like life was a party to her.As she designed clothes in her studio I would stare at her patiently to see her passion with bewitchment!

She was a beautiful soul .I loved her for that.She was beautiful just the way she was.

Time was passing & our vacation was finally near . It was her dream to see the northern lights ever since she was a teenager.

I had planned everything perfectly.I wanted to propose her with a blue rose as it was her favorite.The ring was something that would have satisfied her taste.Everything was supposed to be simple & real ! I somehow managed everything to please my future wife . I was willing to do anything for her.She was my one & only.My one true love !

The night before our trip,I finished packing.Lisa went to her studio to pack up for the time she was going to be away.I hid everything that could make her suspicious.

I waited & waited . She did not come back.I called her several times but I got to the voicemail every time .I got really worried.I called some our friends. I called her co-workers.No one could tell me anything informative. She was alone at the studio.After a while,I decided to call the police.

Soon after calling the police I came to know that Lisa was in a hospital fighting against death.I could not interpret anything.I could not feel the ground.My head kept spinning round & round.I could not say anything for a minute.

She was already gone before I arrived.A mugger had stabbed her & she bled to death.

I felt so powerless.I could not do anything.In a blink of an eye I lost her.

Today 5 years later I finally came to see the Northern lights.It is not like anything else.It is something you feel.It is one of natures greatest mysteries .It is like Lisa .Beautiful & mysterious!

It lights up the night sky with enchanting colors! I feel like entering someplace else ! It does not feel like earth!

I feel really emotional.I have the ring I had bought for Lisa .She still remains the same to me even after years.

In my eyes she will always remain that young spirited girl who wanted to see the northern lights.

She herself was nothing less than the northern lights !

Picture collected from the Internet. 

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