One Dance


Story By Zenith

It was the end of high school.Unlike her others friends Sarah still had not got into a relationship.She was different.She knew it.When her friends were out having fun she would stay home & paint . She partied but always had control of herself.She thought differently than others. To her,no one seemed to be worth taking all the risks for ! Everyone made fun of her as if being single had been a curse !  It never occurred to her as a curse rather she felt a different kind of power in  her possession because it was her own choice . She was not desperate or would she have ever been. No one could change her mind !

Sarah’s friends never showed any interest to what she found interesting . So, she shut herself out ! Countless times her friends set her up with clowns but she smiled & bade farewell to them !

By now , you may think she never fell in love ! She did but it was unexpected !

Sarah is a real critic. Sometimes,she found despair in almost everything. Impressing her was very tough ! It seemed that she would fall in love with someone very different from an average person.She used say,”Beauty is a treat for the eyes but a beautiful heart is a treat that stays a lifetime !”

Sarah fell in love with an average person.His name was Aiden. He was not as handsome as Hugh Jackman. He had  the brightest smile & the way he talked made her do madness.

It was not love at first sight. Aiden was one of her cousin’s best friend. They met up at a beach party in summer ! They showed no particular interest in each other.

It was when Sarah moved to New York in her junior year with her mother when they started to get to know each other. Aiden went to NYU. Occasionally he would help her out with her school work ! Thus from acquaintances they became friends.

They used to sit in a caffe & laugh for hours.

Aiden was not like any one else. He understood her & admired her work as she loved to paint.He motivated her to be better but never tried to change her.Although they were very different from each other.Somehow they were right for each other.

Sarah often made fun of Aiden but Aiden never said a word.He would always smile or blush. However , before even realizing it , she fell in love. It confused her & she thought he never felt about her like that .Well, He did not & it hit her like a bus in the middle of nowhere ! So, she decided to never think about it again !

When Sarah was in her senior year, She fell for him again. This time it was different ! This time  Aiden was unusual ! Sarah did not let her feelings get in the way. There was a different kind of fascination in Aidens eyes then which made her fall for him again because Aiden was still charming when he talked & he certainly did not change his personality.

Aiden took all the useless cant of Sarah. He was always there for her & he always maturely advised Sarah.He helped her get over her father’s death.He consoled her & thus she felt very close to him sometimes.Sarah could talk to him all day but he still would not roll his eyes at her.He accepted her just the way she was. He found her little habits cute.There were no lies or hiding.There they sat being how they were,their genuine selves. He listened to her every word.Sarah could say anything & he would still smile. He never let her feel bad.He complimented her in every way possible. He loved her dark circles. He said,”They are the scars of your hard work !” Whenever he was sad, he would not let it stress Sarah. Sometimes when he was sad Sarah would understand & she would console  him.She understood him.She cared for him.Their indifference merely caused any negative impact on them. Mostly they fought because of stupid things which was kind of sweet.

He used to say,”You’re beautiful ! ” That would make Sarah very nervous .

Sarah was great in speaking french.She taught Aiden speaking french. He was really grateful to her for that !

When Sarah talked Aiden stared at her with bewitchment. She would stop & ask,”What’s on your mind?” He would smile & lie,”Nothing !” He could not lie.The love in his eyes was manifested easily. That is what feared her the most. What happens if what she thought was true !

Their relationship was very conspicuous yet they still would not go ahead because of the fear of losing that special bond.Sarah often felt aiming for something that did not exist. Although Aiden felt the same way too , he was too afraid to say something to her.

During her prom, Sarah fell sick. She cried but had to miss it .When everyone was having fun at prom,she was crying at home .She let it all go on to a pillow!

When Sarah recovered , she decided to do something unusual. She decided to have a dance by herself. She met up with Aiden . She told him about it ! Somehow he agreed to do it .

She thought that it was insane & a desperate attempt. At first she did not have the courage to even ask him but eventually she went along.

Sarah said,”I don’t how to tell you this. You’re the only person I can ask this of !” Aiden became nervous & asked ,” why? What is it ? “

Sarah thought that he only felt sorry for her but she did not care.She invited him at her apartment to have a dance session.

Sarah was alone in her house most of the time. Her mother stayed out most of the time . That day, She cleaned her apartment & wore a beautiful red dress .It was not the one she was going to wear on her prom but that did not matter.She was happy at that moment.

Both of them had no idea how to dance . Sarah said,”I know it’s weird but just go with the flow ! ” Aiden nodded. It was weird at first but somehow without hurting each other they started dancing. Soon they begun to enjoy too .

Aiden held her as if he would never let her go.Sarah put her ears on his chest. His heart was beating fast & he was trembling. Aiden could not keep his eyes straight. It was way too much for him . He never felt this connection with anyone not even in his previous relationship  either.Her hair kept coming on her face & every time  he tucked it behind her ears.

Sarah asked,”Are you okay?” Aiden replied,”I’m perfectly alright ! ” She said,”It was my dream to dance on jazz someday ! Never thought it’ll be with you !” He replied,”Neither did I ! It was also my dream to dance in dimmed lights with someone on soothing music like this in a calm place!I’ve never been to a dance like this.” Surprised eyes met.

Not only they danced but also they went on a trance.Their souls were free from any worries. They were not thinking about their past, or future. They were living their present as intensely as possible. Together they were divine.

That day they talked differently & when Aiden was  leaving Sarah held him & said,”Did you feel something today? ” Aiden replied,”Yes, it was unusual ! I guess dreams do come true.” with seriousness in voice Sarah said,”I mean.. what is going on between us ? I want you to think properly & then answer this question ! I want to you to be honest to your feelings. You have your time ! ” Aiden pondered but he was not surprised .

That one dance affected both of them . They could not sleep & could not get over it . Sarah was unable to move on & Aiden could not stop thinking about it !

A day later Aiden came to Sarah’s house . He said ,”What do you want to hear?” She replied ,” I want to know how you’re feeling ! I want to know what’s going on in your head ! ” Looking at her, he held her hand & said ,”je vous aime bien! I like you a lot !” She said,”I knew but I wasn’t sure ! but why me?” He replied,”Because of the way you are ! Why did you choose me? I’m nothing special ?” She smiled & said,”I don’t know but I know that I want you ! Only you !”  

Aiden took Sarah’s hand put a delicate kiss on her hand & asked her to dance. They danced.Sarah asked ,”Won’t we need music?” Aiden replied,” We don’t need music as long as we’re together.” She insisted on playing music. Then he took her in his arms. She hugged him so tightly that  he would not let her go. It seemed like he would not let her go ever.

While they were slow dancing, Sarah said,”I want to dance like this till the end of our time !” Hearing this Aident placed kiss on her forehead.

They were dancing on their favorite songs . It seemed like that an hour went like a minute.They were dancing & dancing. They could not get enough of each other. They were different as if they had not been Sarah or Aiden . They felt like they were different people .

                Thus one dance turned their lives upside down !


picture art by Adenah 


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