Beautifully Simple


Story by Zenith

Lysa was a simple girl. She was an ambitious person yet not an overachiever. She was one of the average people in this world. She would not call her self a successful person or a failed one . She wanted to become a homemaker who loved to sing occasionally . That would make her happy truly !

Turning 25, Lysa finished her studies in IT. Everything was going steady as she got herself a job. She was satisfied but not content.

Lysa was happy with her career & was looking forward to it ! She came of a wealthy family of lawyers .Her family put no effort to it.Genuinely,She & her brother grew up by themselves.Her brother was always really reserved .So, she never  got to have a real family.As a young girl,She decided that she would  build a home with laughter & happiness.She would  make a family far better than the one she grew up in . Lysa wanted a husband who would love & understand  her. She wanted her children who she would nourish & take care of.

Lysa had been through many relationships which she would consider as hookups. She never had anything deep with anyone.Sometimes,It was really awkward for her. They would satisfy her physically but never mentally .They would all talk about themselves the whole time.Thus,She could not connect with anyone mentally ever!

There was this one person she worshiped who turned out to be a different person later. She thought that everyone just pretended yet they were not actually happy !

People would laugh when Lysa told them that she wanted to have a family.They would say,”You’re so young ” , “Are you sure? ” or  ” Your future is so bright ! Don’t be stupid by marrying young! ” These comments would annoy her very much . She could not bear to understand how getting married could refrain her from being who she was. After all, this was something she wanted ever since she was young !

Later on , Lysa’s depression grew.Any one could sleep with each other yet  nobody could leave their thoughts bare .

During New Years, her friend set her up on a blind date. She had no interest as she was not desperate for a relationship but her friend insisted .

Lysa met Nathan unexpectedly unknown to the fact that he was going to be the man of her life!

Nathan was once a nerd who had one serious relationship.He was sweet but seemed nothing special.He worked for a software company. He was a bit blunt & did not quite have much directions.

However, He convinced  Lysa for a second date .

At first, It was awkward . Gradually they started understanding each other. Their interests were similar too.

It was frightening for Lysa to actually connect with someone wholeheartedly .She decided to take it slow. Nathan was instantly impressed with her. He would always compliment her . They became really close & gradually they became each others safe places !

Nathan appreciated Lysa in every way possible. When she told him that she wanted to have a big warm family he was not surprised at all ! He took it really seriously .

She said, ” I want to build a  family with love & laughter .Call me old fashioned but this is something I’m really serious about . I am not into temporary things. I am genuinely in love with you ! “

Nathan replied,”I like old fashioned ! I  want you ! That’s all I know ! “

Lysa was finally happy even though they had hard times.They had their differences.Sometimes, they would fight when ego came to their way but their love conquered at last.To them, having each other was bigger than their ego. Lysa had her complains but Nathan put as much as his effort as he could.  Lysa dealt with panic attacks . Those times Nathan was her support .

They were not perfect but they were beautifully imperfect !

After dating for a year Nathan proposed Lysa .They were married soon after .

They have Built up a beautiful life .

Right now, Lysa has a successful career & a loving husband with a baby daughter Lily !

So, having her familys responsibility did not make Lysa someone else.She became who she wanted to be !

Her family made her happy & they inspired her in levels she could not even describe. Being a homemaker matured her & thus she became a stronger woman.

Women can be anything they want because they are wonders ! Each of them is beautiful in their own way !


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