The love of my life


Story by Zenith

I was seventeen when I first met the love of my life. He was not tall, dark & handsome as it is written in the books. He was just an average person with a beautiful imagination as I thought.

He was Ed.

I was not impressed with Ed at first. He was a bit impulsive & clung onto his opinion. He was one of my brothers friends. He was not one of the usual ones. It was at a family pool party where they were arguing about politics. I showed no interest in the matter at all.

While I was getting water Ed took a glance at me & said, ”I’m sorry I don’t think We’ve met !” I instantly introduced myself & ignored him afterwards.

He again came to talk to me  during the party and I knew that he was interested in me. I was about to start my  senior year at that time. So it felt awesome to realize that  a freshman in college was interested in me.

We flirted & we talked. We were acquiring knowledge about each other. He seemed nice. He told me about his life & I told him about mine. Ed treated me nicely & at that time it was everything a girl like could wish for.

No sooner had we acquainted than we started seeing each other more and more. One day Ed asked me to go on a date with him. Thus we started dating.

He had the most dreamiest eyes. He wanted to live in Spain & wanted to paint for a living. He was an arts major. He used to talk about things he was passionate about. When he talked his eyes sparkled.I wanted be more like him. He taught me art & made me realize things that I may had never known. His impulse fueled his passion for painting. Suddenly I wanted to be with him all the time.

Slowly deeply Madly without even knowing I fell in love with him. It was my first real love. At least that is what I thought.

He was my inspiration.I was driven by his passion. Sometimes I thought that I did not deserve him. I would belittle myself.

Time passed.three months later He started showing unusual dominance as if he had owned me. I was blinded by my love for him.He used to order me & show impulse on me. I would do everything as told like a good little girl.Besides he was really sweet too. What could I do! I thought that he was all I had!

Ed said that he loved me & I believed him.

Quite often he would misbehave with me which would make me very sad. But just after a while he would apologize. I used to fear his impulse.Whenever I stayed mad he would do something crazy. One night he stood outside my house all night because I was mad. He was such an idiot !

One night Ed took me to a party. He got really drunk  &  became really jealous because his friend had talked to me. He started touching me in weird ways. He would kiss usually but I could feel the difference.I felt like shivering. He was putting his strength on me. His behavior was alien to me. I could not interpret the situation as I was too young. I did not know what I should do.I became so scared that I started shaking. I  tried to escape from as he was out of control.Then he started chasing me. He yelled  making a sound with his filthy mouth,”Stay! I’m not gonna hurt you.. You’re mine !!!”

Ed chased me down to the road.I kept running as fast I could. I went down the  alley by the bridge. As I was running to save my life he clawed me. I could not breathe as he put his hand around my neck tightly. Even with all my strength I could not defend myself. He turned into a lustful beast. He became a hunting  wolf. I was becoming unconscious. He put his poison inside of me.He sucked up all my purity & innocence. He murdered my trust. Without my consent, He not only  robbed  my body but also damaged my soul. He did not leave me there. He apologized next morning. His nerve surprised me but it was too late.

The love of my life got what he deserved. My family made sure of it. I hated him the most !

I was in a river of depression. I felt like a million worms ate my body. I felt so dirty. I  could not eat,sleep or talk. My therapist &  brother helped me a lot but all I could think that they did not understand the pain because they never felt it. How it feels is unbearable.

Everyone’s pitiful looks made me hesitated.I used cry in the bathroom. It felt like it was my fault. I asked myself why I loved him & why he would do something like this to me this to me!

I left school & went to live with my aunt. I finished my senior year there. By that time I had realized that I had to put myself up & I had to be my own savior!

I had become stronger & unstoppable but those memories still haunted me. How the love of my life ruined me!


Today Reading her diary  from her teen years , memories struck Aubrey. Standing on the porch she remembered how she survived. How she made herself who she is & how she found true love. She remembered!

Her eyes become watery as her husband Charlie walked in. He took her diary & took  her in his arms. He knew everything. He whispered, ”Remember I will love you no matter what! You are the love of my life! ”

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  1. This is quite a story! I like how she finally got a husband who loves her. I hope her husband realizes it’s not her fault.

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