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Words can be very strong at times, we all know that. I love the arrangements of simple words which illuminates strong meanings and can really inspire us, help us whenever we’re depressed, upset or hopeless. It’s ‘Quotations’ or shortly known as ‘Quotes’ these days. Quotes have helped me through many difficult journeys of my life and it works like magic.

I love to read quotes. Whether you’re sad or happy, it’ll always help to enhance your mind. Instead of sharing a craft tutorial today I decided to share some of my favorite quotes (A.K.A. medicines!). These quotes have encouraged me, inspired me and I hope that they can inspire you as well. You can create customized posters by using your favorite quotes, print’em out and place them in your room or anywhere near your sight. I tried to create some posters of my favorite quotes in this blog post.

Have a glance and be inspired!

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Written by Muhaiminah Faiz