Art and Craft

art and craft

This is my very first blog post. Wasn’t sure what to write. So here it goes…

I’m a crafter, a craft addict actually. I’m so glad I finally have my own blog, now I can share all my craft ideas with the world and share ideas by other creative people.

DIY, art and craft culture is a blast today. You can easily practice these skills if you wish to.

Craft supplies are available in most local stationary stores these days. Besides, there are tons of online shops and stores for craft supplies. So I don’t usually worry about the supplies for my craft projects. Once you become addicted and passionate about crafting you can find your supplies around you, such as- old newspapers, magazines, cardboard box and cartons etc. besides the nature provides with the most lovely and rustic craft supplies; my favorites are, dry leaves, pressed flower petals, small stones, rocks and so on.

I will discuss about all the basic and necessary craft supplies very soon.

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